Cmark produces Animated Logos, Logos, Promo Videos Literacy – Animated Logo and Logo creation with Cmark is a very easy process. We would like you to scan the sample Logo’s and Animated Backgrounds and choose one that “SPEAKS” to you. Please fill in our Animated Logo Creation form and attach your Current Logo with a transparent background. If you have any questions, please insert them into the “Comments” area.


Basic Promo Video – Starts at $50


22 Red Matrix

23 Spiral

24 Computer

25 Green

26 World

27 Earth

28 Ball

29 Ball

30 Triangle Dots

31 Bokeh Dots


33 Floating Boxes

34 Flying Laptops

35 Spinning Laptop

36 Mountains & Clouds

37 Rainbow Colors

38 Red Triangles

39 Space

40 Triangles & Dots

41 White Triangles