Remote Media Services

Cmark serves you from our creative and production studio 1000’s of miles away. We utilize our Remote Collaboration services that cuts the travel cost out of the pricing equation. Cmark works with you and your staff and colleagues, even if they are not in the same physical location and gives you a lot of flexibility.

Existing Video:
Cmark provides video editing services so that you can get more value from existing videos. We can provide “short videos” based on lengthier media sources, help you update your videos with new information, and more.

Short Video:
Cmark works with you to create new (create from scratch) short videos that you can post to your web site and use in virtual events (virtual meetings and virtual training).

Promo Video:
Cmark will design and produce a short Promo Video (30 seconds to 2 minutes).

Animated Video:
Cmark works with their clients to design and produce animated videos (30 seconds to 10 minutes).

Interview Video:
Cmark works with their clients to produce “Talking head” and “Interview the Expert” videos (2 minutes to 20 minutes). We can produce videos that feature your experts (talking to each other) who do not work in the same office.

Animated Logos:
Do you have a logo that you could use in other ways if it were to be jazzed up? Cmark can create animated logos that can spiff up your Internet presence and presentations.

Animated Messaging:
Do you have a desire to create energy in your presentations, meetings, and training programs by using more animation? Please contact us.